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Hydroponics is a subdivision of hydroculture, a way of growing plants in a lesser amount of soil, and more of in aquatic based environments. In hydroponics, utilization of mineral nutrient solutions in feeding plants without using soil. It is really exciting and fun growing plants, and more so if you are no longer limited by season or climate. It is now possible to virtually plant all year round, because hydroponic system with grow tent are now available, using modern horticultural lighting, transforming our planting experience. 


In hydroponics, several variations are used all throughout the world. It is not just merely growing plants with their roots suspended in water. Many people don't realize that there are many way and variations of engaging in hydroponic gardening. The types of hydroponic systems include wicks system, water culture, ebb and flow system, drip system, nutrient film technique, and click aeroponic system. 


Wicks system is the simplest type of hydroponic system, which is a passive system without moving parts. The specific growth technology nutrient solution form the bottom reservoir is carried upwards through a number of wicks into the growing medium. It is the hydroponic system that can use variety of mediums, soil , perlite or coco. Water system is an active system, containing roots that are completely immersed in water with moving parts. To allow the roots to breath, water system help obtain oxygen through the use of air pump. 


Drip system works by flooding the grow tray temporarily, and the nutrient solution surrounds the roots before it is drained back from the reservoir. Dip systems is a widely used hydroponic system, with a timer controlling the water pump and nutrient solutions through elevated water jet network. Nutrient film technique uses constant flow of nutrient solutions pumped from a reservoir into growing tray and vice versa. To avoid system failure that may lead to drying of roots, electric maintenance and pump should be used. Aeroponic system is an advanced method of hydroponics. 


So if you're ready to set up your hydroponics garden, you need to gather hydroponics supplies and grow tent. All you need can be found in a hydroponics store. We can definitely help you find the best hydroponics supplies for your hydroponic needs. Indeed, it is a one of a kind experience engaging in hydroponics gardening. Experience the fun and excitement of hydroponics gardening, and gain the satisfaction and health benefits as you see your plants you


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