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The population of the world still growing while the available land for producing food is unfortunately shrinking because of the continuing conversion of arable land from agricultural to residential and other uses. People  are trying to address the inevitable  shortage in food supply  by  developing  other  farming techniques that is dependent of  availability of land. One of them is hydroponic or vertical farming. 


Hydroponic farming, a subcategory of hydroculture, is a technique of  growing plants that does not require soil. It uses water and nutrient solutions to grow plants, allowing people to grow plants indoor. This means they can produce vegetables for their consumption and even to sell inside their homes. This farming  technique is considered by experts to be the solution to the dependence of urban areas on the traditional  farms, which are based on rural areas, for their food supply. Urban dwellers will always have fresh food available. 


Increasing the number of people engaging in food production is not the only advantage of indoor farming. The technique  has been proven to produce more in less space compared to traditional farming. Experiments have established that the production of one acre of indoor farm is comparable to the production of 30  acres of a traditional farm. And that is because with led grow lights and nutrient  solutions, plants grow  faster and some  plants can be grown whole year round. Grown in  controlled  environment,  the plants  are not affected by weather disturbances such  as drought or storms. 


Hydroponics farming using supplies from a hydroponics store  along with Aeroponics, another of the several indoor farming techniques, requires less water than traditional farming and allows water recycling  which make it environment friendly.  It also allows extensive organic production since people are growing in situations easily controlled. 


Land  used for production lose its fertility sooner and later.  For traditional  farmers hydroponics is an excellent strategy to allow the land to recover its natural fertility. They can for certain period of time use  grow  tents or  structures to grow plants.  It would be good for them to learn other farming techniques. 


If you live in the city and find it difficult to find fresh vegetable and fruits, you can learn indoor farming techniques. Indoor farming  sites will help you how to start your  hydroponics or  vertical farm. The materials  and supplies that you need for this kind of farming are available in a hydroponics store. Wouldn't it  be nice to  just  go to the  grow tent and a stem of a leafy  vegetable  whenever you are cooking  for family? So, click here to get started.


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